ASI Dance Elite Discounts

At ASI Dance Elite, we provide competitive pricing and benefits to our students and parents.  Below are the breakdown of pricing for each class, and discounts available via coupons feature. 

Pricing Breakdown:

Discounts shown are based on price of 1 class package

  • 2 class package: 15% off
  • 3 class package: 25% off
  • 4 class package: 30% off
  • 5 class package: 35% off
  • 6 class package: 40% off
  • 7 class package: 45% off
  • Unlimited Package: up to 60% off
  • Family Unlimited Package: up to 85% off
  • Classes are prorated during your first month (subscription renews on the 3rd of each month)
  • 2% discount for using bank transfers instead of a credit card
  • Use coupon siblingsfall2021 to get an additional 5% discount when registering multiple dancers

Additional benefits:

  • Family-friendly pricing
    • we understand that dance can be expensive, especially having multiple dancers in 1 household. This is why we’ve introduced the family unlimited plan, where a family pays a flat fee and any dancer in their household can take as many classes per week as they desire!
  • Prorated classes on signup is built in, so you only pay for the classes you’re taking 
  • Class Makeups available upon request at no additional charge
    • planning on some family travel or did something unexpected come up? Students can make up excused absences by submitting a request through your online account at
  • view attendance and your students classes in your account on our website at