Recreational dance packages

How To Choose

  • Decide what level of training you would like to receive:
        • Aspiring: 1 to 3 classes per week
        • Striving: 4 to 7 classes per week
        • Inspiring: unlimited classes per week 
  • Select training level package, choose the number of class per week, and fill in your desired styles of dance
  • Proceed to checkout
  • You’re all set! Classes begin Sept. 7th but you are welcome to take part in our dance intensive August 30th-September 2nd to keep dancing until then
  • If your dancer is interested in audition for our competition team, please return to the start page and select the competitive training option

Helpful Information

  • Each class is 55 minutes in length
  • Instructors will evaluate dancers at the end of the summer session and we will be in touch if your instructors would like your dancer to register for a higher level class this fall; otherwise, please register for the same level your dancer is currently enrolled
  • New students joining us should register for the level they believe best suits their current abilities; if you would like guidance selecting levels please use the chat feature to message us. Instructors will evaluate the students the first week of class and we can adjust their level if the current selection is not a good fit
  • Your dancer will attend their registered classes each week beginning September 7th! You tuition payment will be a subscription that renews at the end of each month.  

Worried about choosing the wrong Level?

Don't be! If your student's teacher finds they are performing above or below their classmates in the first week, we will re-level your dancer appropriately.