0-3 years of dance, averaging less than 3 hours per week

Beginner Classes

Select this option to view classes for students new to dance, or who have less than 4 years of experience dancing.
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3-5 years of dance, averaging 3-5 hours per week

Intermediate Classes

This option is for the more experienced dancer. If your dancer typically has class 3-5 hours per week and has danced at least 3 years, click below to view our Intermediate packages!
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5+ years of dance, averaging 4+ hours per week

Advanced Classes

If your student has been recreationally dancing at least 7 years, check out our advanced class packages below.
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Worried about choosing the wrong Level?

Don't be! If your student's teacher finds they are performing above or below their classmates in the first week, we will re-level your dancer appropriately.