Tumbling/Acro Workshop 1/14


We are so excited to be welcoming Ms. Tara Howse back to the Bay Area to host tumbling/acro workshop Friday January 14th.

Ms. Tara will be hosting a level I/II workshop 5:00-6:00pm and a level III workshop 6:15-7:45. Please note that the level III workshop will be working on side and front aerials, backhand springs, back tucks, and other advanced tumbling skills. Dancers must be already taking a tumbling III class at ASI or receive prior approval from Ms. Torie

Advanced Level II dancers may be eligible to take the level III workshop if they: 1.) Receive prior approval from Ms. Torie (you may email to ask for approval) AND 2.) are also taking the level I/II workshop as a pre-requisite