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Mini - Senior Level

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Mini - Senior Level

2021-2022 Season

Competition auditions

Competition team auditions for our 2021-2022 dance season will be held Saturday August 14th.  Dancers will learn the audition combination during the last two week of the summer session. Jazz audition combinations will be taught during jazz classes, hip-hop audition combinations taught during tap class, and so on.  If your dancer is enrolled in a class but not planning on auditioning for the competition team for that style, they will simply learn the combination for fun, but will not have to audition it on August 14th. 

Dancers will be auditioning based on level not by age; though for the most part, many of the students on our different teams tend to be within the same age range of each other. A detailed audition schedule broken down by level and discipline will be released prior to the audition date.

Dancers will need to register for auditions in order to be eligible. *note: we have extended the early registration deadline* $30/dancer or $50/family if registered by August 8th.  $35/dancer or $60/family if registered after this date. At the door registration is available the day of auditions.

On Audition Day, dancers will receive check-in and receive their number, then warm-up and stretch independently in an unused studio while they await for auditions to begin. The entire group will be called in for introductions and to perform the routine together as a group a few times.  Dancers will then be excused to return to the warm-up space as they are called in by number to dance in small groups. Depending on what the judges need to see, dancers may perform in one group or be asked to perform in a few different groups. Dancers will also perform a variety of skills as well as across the floor material to demonstrate their technical abilities. Dancers may also be asked to improv or freestyle during the audition.

If your dancer has requested to receive a solo, duet, or trio this season they will also be expected to either perform the routine on their own, or with the students they’ve requested to dance with that season to evaluate if the dancers are a good fit together.

Results will be released Sunday August 15th. All dancers who audition should hold August 16th-20th availability for our competition team bonding week and debut, as well as August our In-Studio Convention August 30th – September 2nd

*NEW THIS SEASON* Dancers who audition for our 2021-2022 competition team who the judges felt were not quite ready for the team, but want to continue to train in hopes of making the team next season, or even being added this season, can elect to join our Company Training Program. Dancers will take classes with the competition team students each week, learn all of the choreography, and receive feedback from the instructors which will be invaluable to them progressing in order to make the team. Dancers will need to re-audition next season in order to be considered for the team, but they may also act as understudies throughout the season and must be ready to join in and perform the routine should a dancer be injured or ill before a competition or performance. If the dancer has shown remarkable improvement throughout the year, the instructor may add the dancer to the team in the middle of the season if approved by the studio owner.

Financial Investment

Joining the ASI Dance Elite Competition Team is an incredibly fulfilling experience for dancers of all ages, but it is also a financial investment.  We want to be as transparent as possible regarding the financial commitment that is involved regarding our competition team, so that each family can make an informed decision. The high quality dance education, convention & competition opportunities, team bonding, and life skills gained from being a part of the ASI Competition Team is immeasurable and will enrich each student’s life far beyond the years they spend at ASI.  Our competition team dancers obtain skills such as perseverance, how to accept constructive feedback, learning to be both a gracious loser and winner, team building and communication skills, and time management; we pride ourselves in preparing our students not only for the next steps in their dance education, but also for any career or life experience they decide to take next. The time and financial commitment may be sizeable, but the experience gained in return is indispensible.

Fall Competition Fees

Spring Competition Fees

Please note that all of the above events and fees are required in order to be apart of our 2021-2022 competition team. We have done our best to provide a detailed break down of all expected costs involved with the competition, however please understand these events as outlined are still subject to change until we solidify our competition schedule in July.